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Best Air Fryer 

  • Fry Food with Little or No Oil
  • Filter for Smoke
  • Non-Stick Food Basket and Pot
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Auto Switch-Off while pulling Basket
  • Cool Touch Wall and Handle
  • Easy to Clean
  • 1500 Watts 220 – 240V – 50/60Hz



Westpoint Air Fryer in Pakistan

Westpoint air fryers are an innovative appliance that every kitchen must-have. They help you cook some unexpected dishes quickly. Food experimentation is essential for every cook. Furthermore, using a modern kitchen appliance will help you establish healthy eating practices.

Best Air fryers from Westpoint is the important machine that can cook many recipes without oil. It’s a new home appliance that allows you to reduce your oil intake and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a minimal countertop and can be placed in the appliance anywhere within your kitchen. Westpoint best air fryer in Pakistan, is the perfect choice for every house.

A new way to think about fried foods. It’s more healthy to get perfectly brown crisp, and crispy results. So you can enjoy perfectly crispy home-cooked chips and delicious fry meats and succulent chicken breasts, and more, all using just the tiniest of amounts of oil.

The best air fryer 2021 cooks evenly to make less greasy fried chips, wedges, sweet potato fries. They can also be used for nearly every other food you could cook in deep fat fryers. There is no messy fat and no greased pan, and no kitchen suffused with cooking smells. Just chips on a plate will be gone by the time you can say, ‘Pass the salt’.

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