Gree Refrigerator E8890 – CR1 Flower Red 16 Cft


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Buy Gree Refrigerator with Super Huge Freezer Space, Deep Cooling -25C, 5 Way Evaporator, Low Voltage Operation and Turbo Cooling, Deep Cooling -25C, 5 Way Evaporator, Environment Friendly, Turbo Cooling, Low Voltage Operation, More Cooling Retention due to Thicker Insulation | At Fazal Sons electronics,

  • Super Huge Freezer Space
  • Deep Cooling -25C
  • 5 Way Evaporator
  • Environment Friendly
  • Turbo Cooling
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • More Cooling Retention due to Thicker Insulation
  • Multi Purpose Bottle Rack with Dual Adjustment
  • Spill Free Ice Cube Trays
  • Crisper Box with Wheels
  • LED Light in Freezer Compartment
  • Dynamic Airflow
  • Ice Cube Tray Lid Protection
  • Anti Bacterial Gasket
  • Humidity Controller
  • 4 Star Rating
  • Thick ABS Material
  • Honey Comb Crisper
  • Right Door Hinge
  • Concealed Handle
  • Door Lock
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Beverage Bottle Rack
  • Ice Scratcher
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Dynamic Fan
  • Mini Compartment in Crisper
  • Refrigerator Movement Wheels

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Cooling Technology

Direct Cool

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Top Mount



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