Dawlance Wash and Spin Twin Tub DW-7500 Glass


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Buy the Dawlance Twin Tub Washer and Spiner best features:  Capacity 15-Kg, Twin Tub, Wash Spin: 10/6, Soaking Wash, Dynamic Balance, Water Inlet Selection. At FAzal Sons electronics in Lahore Pakistan.

  • Wash Capacity (Kg): 10
  • Type: Twin Tub
  • Capacity (Kg) 10kg
  • Wash Spin: 10/6
  • Highest Spin Speed: ≈1300
  • Transparent Lid
  • Joint Hinge
  • Control Mode: Timer
  • Soaking Wash
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Water Inlet Selection: 2
  • Wide Opening: A wide and ergonomic opening to help users add and remove laundry easily.
  • Robust Pulsator: A robust and wide pulsator with strong rotation which leads to superior washing of heavy
  • Waterfall Wash: With an improved washing machine that operates on an innovative one-sided water fall. It has a better foam formation and detergent dissolving which helps in the improved wash performance.

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Machine Type

Washer & Dryer

Washing Capacity


Washing Type

Top Load, Twin Tub


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