Canon Instant Water Heater 20D Digital 10LTR


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Safety and Capacity

Safety is all you need if you have a gas burner geyser in your house. Canon has never left its customers aloof in this regard and provided with a flame-out protection system that will prevent the flame from coming out of the geyser frame. Moreover, it has a two-ignition pin, which is much safer.

Furthermore, water overpressure protection and heating are necessary to trip the geyser when necessary. It flames out when needed to avoid any burn and damage to the geyser or for greater unwanted circumstances.

Chinese Technology

Being a Chinese technology, it is built on a hot water tube that gets heated by 16 jet burners. These jet burners are fueled up with gas. Hence, gas geysers are the most economical way of getting hot water.


Canon 10Ltr Instant Gas Water Heater /Geyser 20D Digital (2022) Dual Ignition, Temperature Display – On Installments

Canon provides a gas instant water geyser to let you live in warmth this winter. Already, the nights are getting cold which means winters are here. Hence, Canon Gas Instant 20D Plus Water Heater comes with a Dual Ignition system that allows efficient burning and faster heating with safer operations. Moreover, your geyser can be functional even at an ultra-low water pressure system thus minimizing water shortage as an issue.

With battery-fitted two ignition pins, it is much safer to operate without a risk involved. Furthermore, the flame of the burner is controlled to the limit so that it doesn’t go out of the water geyser body for safety purposes.


With Two ignition pin systems installed and operating on a battery, the geyser is automatic when it detects water flow coming through pipes. Moreover, low water pressure is not an issue at all. Canon water Geyser has got this and can operate with lower water pressures, making it water efficient.


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