• Waves Deep Freezer 12CFT/DF313 Cool Bank

    Buy Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank with  Strong Hinges, Thick Insulated Body, Fast Cooling System, Freezer & Fridge, Durable Copper Coiling | At Fazal Sons.

  • Waves12CFT/2130 Deep Freezer Steel

    Buy Waves Deep Freezer Steel with Think Insulated body, Strong Hinges, Durable Copper Coiling, Rust Free EMBO Sheet, Fast Cooling System | At Fazal Sons.

  • Waves Deep Freezer 10CFT/310 Cool Bank

    Buy the Waves Deep Freezer Cool Bank with 3 Years warranty, Extra durability, Anti-corrosive protection, stainless steel, fast cooling system.  Get Waves 310 Deep Freezer with the best prices in Pakistan | At Fazal Sons electronics.

  • WAVES WDF 10cft/310 Deep Freezer Single Door

    Buy the WAVES Deep Freezer Single Door Single Door with Size: 10 Cu. Ft, Super Fast Cooling, Super Cooling Capacity, Extra Saving Model, No Need of Stabilizer, Low Voltage Startup Series | At Fazal Sons electronics.

  • Waves Triple Deep Freezer 18CFt-WDET-318TL Steel

    Buy the Triple deep freezer with 3 Years warranty,Extra durability, Anti-corrosive protection, stainless steel, fast cooling system | At Fazal Sons

  • Dawlance Deep Freezer 91998 Signature Inverter Gray

    Buy Signature Inverter Grey Twin Door Freezer, nverter technology in MWO lets you cook more evenly with faster heating/cooking time along with even defrosting while being more energy efficient | At the Fazal Sons electronics.

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