• Fotile Lohas 4 Burners Built-in Gas Stove (GLG60407)

    Fotile Gas Hob Burner | At Fazal Sons |3-Layer Tempered Glass Surface, Fotile LOHAS Burner, Flame Failure Device Design, EPS Technology, Durable.

  • Fotile 3 Burner Gas Hob (GDG-78309)

    Buy the Fotile 3 Burner Gas Hob (GDG-78309) with Safety Ignition Pin, Fotile LOHAS Burner, New Knob Anti-Heat, Gas & Time Saving, 3-Layer Tempered Glass, Flame Failure Device (FFD), Cast Iron Grate, Fast Ignition, Low Battery Reminder, Removable Washing Cup | At Fazal Sons electronics.

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