• Dawlance Front Load Washer 7120-W Inverter Technology

    Dawlance Front Load Washer new Inverter Technology & more Number of Adjustable Feet: 4, Wash Programs: 12, Energy Efficiency Class: A+++. Wash Programs:  Kurta Cotton, Down Wear, Outdoor/Sports (Goretex, DarkWash/Jeans, Stain, Shirts, Hygiene+, Cottons Eco,

  • Dawlance Twin Tub Washer & Spinner DW-10500 Kg-15

    Dawlance Twin Tub best Washer & Spinner buy with the best features: Capacity 15-Kg, Twin Tub, Transparent Lid, Joint Hinge, Control Mode: Timer, Soaking Wash, Dynamic Balance, at FAzal Sons electronics in Lahore Pakistan.

  • Dawlance Wash and Spin Twin Tub DW-7500 Glass

    Buy the Dawlance Twin Tub Washer and Spiner best features:  Capacity 15-Kg, Twin Tub, Wash Spin: 10/6, Soaking Wash, Dynamic Balance, Water Inlet Selection. At FAzal Sons electronics in Lahore Pakistan.

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