• Dawlance DW-5100 Single Tub

    Buy the best Dawlance DW-5100 Single Tub with Space saving compact design, Low noise and vibration free operation, Jumbo size washing tub, Strong overflow rinse, One piece plastic body | At Fazal Sons electronics.

  • Dawlance DW-6100C Washing Machine

    Buy Dawlance Washing Machine with Deep Waterfall Wash, Wide Impeller, Larger Drum Capacity in this Segment, The first in the industry to set high-quality parameters | At Fazal Sons electronics.

  • Dawlance DW-9100C Single Tub Washing Machine

    Buy Dawlance Single Tub Washing Machine with Capacity 15 Kg, Wide Impeller, Power 400W, Waterfall Wash, Black Top Cover, Compact design | At Fazal Sons electronics

  • Dawlance DS-6000C Spinner

    Buy the best Dawlance Spinner with Bigger dryer with air dry technology, Separate water inlets, new design, durable, Separate water inlets | At Fazal Sons electronics.

    Dawlance DS-6000C Spinner


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